Early 30s Anti-Aging Night Time Skin Care Routine

Aloha, Lovecat!

Some readers have commented or mentioned that I have really good skin (I think it ain’t great, as I mentioned in my Bareface Confessions video), but I’ve been asked on several occasions for skin care tips or for me to reveal my skin care regimen. So here we go.

{My Current Night Time Skin Care Routine: An Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine for Early 30 Somethings to Prevent Wrinkles}

Products listed in order of use:

  1. Home made organic olive oil, grapeseed oil and aloe juice makeup remover in water bottle… I will post a video tutorial on how to make this makeup remover
  2. Sanitas Lemon Cream Cleanser
  3. Home made tea tree oil toner – I will also make a video tutorial on how to make this toner at home…
  4. Osmosis Clear Facial Conditioner spray
  5. Obagi Elastiderm Eye Complete Complex Serum
  6. Osmosis Correct Aging/Normal Skin Serum
  7. Homemade anti-aging oil cocktail serum (contains the following oils: olive, grapeseed, argan, evening primrose, camellia seed, vitamin e and rosehip) for anti-aging, skin renewal and anti-inflammation. – Again, another one I have to make a video for.
  8. Mario Badescu cellufirm drops booster
  9. The Face Shop Pore Minimizer Controlling Emulsion moisturizer
  10. Kellett Skin Care Intensive Radiance Eye Treatment eye cream

Some things to note:

Age: Early Thirties
Skin type: Normal to combination skin with oily T-zone and slight sensitivity


  • fine lines forming
  • hyperpigmentation (melasma) on forehead, cheeks and chin (my T-zone is darker than the rest of my face)
  • dark under eye circles
  • collagen and loss of firmness around eyes from lack of sleep and sleeping on face
  • some pimples here and there
  • aging and wrinkles on décolletage, backs of hands and tops of feet

My skin care philosophy:
I firmly believe that a preventative approach to anti-aging is a better, more pro-active approach than trying to repair and restore later–an approach that could cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars if you wait too long. Thereby, the preventative approach is also more cost-effective in the long run. You can prevent, but curing later is HARD.

I also firmly believe that you need to invest in quality products that are well-researched and vetted when you can afford to. Investing in your skin is important for your overall health (skin is your largest organ). If you don’t believe in reincarnation, you only get one skin in this lifetime, so you should take as good care of it as possible.

Go natural when you can. Research your companies and make sure they take a more holistic approach to skin care and the science behind their product formulations and technology. The fewer chemicals you put on your skin, the less those toxins absorb into your bloodstream, muscle tissues and organs.

I also do not believe in over exfoliation. Beauty norms say microdermabrasion, harsh chemical peels and strong at-home scrubs and at-home peel kits blast away dead skin and top layers of skin, revealing new skin and making skin look more luminous and youthful, as well as encouraging collagen production for renewal.

Well, after meeting skin scientist Dr. Ben Johnson, founder of Osmosis Pur Medical Skin Care, my mentality changed. Studies actually show that over exfoliation through scrubbing, harsh aesthetic and dermatological treatments like microdermabrasion, Fraxel, Thermage and chemical peels, can be harmful to the skin. These treatments create damage to the top layers of skin, the stratum corneum, in response skin tissues accelerate collagen production to repair the damage. However, the collagen renewal resulting from damage by removing the top layers of skin (essentially, the protecting layer to your dermis–the deeper layers of skin) only replaces 90% of the collagen lost during the damage process. Why strip your skin only to create a deficit of collagen? Once you remove the protective top layers of your skin, the new youthful skin revealed is actually quite sensitive and super vulnerable to even more damage and aging. That just doesn’t make sense to me. The science is in direct contradiction to the beauty norms and creeds going around.

Remove the dead skin cells that block pores with light exfoliation, but don’t strip your protective layer. It’s like going skiing without proper winter gear on. You get wind burned and wind lashed, sun burned, cut up and seriously injured.

Seriously, pick up Dr. Johnson’s book. It’ll change your perspective on skin care and health. Well-renowned Dermatologist Dr. Perricone’s skin care philosophy is pretty parallel to Dr. Johnson’s regarding repairing from within and avoiding doing too much damage to the skin that the skin can’t recover from.

Very importantly, the best anti-aging product is proper sun protection, not a bunch of serums and night creams. Protect your skin during the day with a good broad spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30+, reapplied every 2 hours to the exposed skin (don’t forget your hands and tops of feet), wear a good wide-brimmed sun protection hat, a jacket when in the car, and avoiding peak UV hours in the middle of the day. UVA and UVB rays not only increase your risk of cancer, but also damage elastin and collagen in your skin, resulting in saggy skin, hyper-pigmentation (brown spots) and fine lines and wrinkles. And remember, UV rays shine 365 days a year. As long as there is natural light, UV rays are coming through, and UVA rays are every bit as strong during cloudy days as sunny days. So, regardless of climate, temperature and weather, sun protect every single day to reduce risk of skin cancer and slow your aging process.

Lastly, the most important thing you can do for your skin is lead a healthy lifestyle. What you put ON your skin is not as important as what you put IN your body (as someone pointed out). Eating clean, whole foods, lots of veggies and fruits and less processed ingredients will contribute better to the quality of your skin than any beauty product. Drink lots of water, get lots of sleep and exercise. A healthful lifestyle will do wonders for your skin and slow own the aging process.

{ What are some of YOUR favorite products to use in your skincare routine? Is preventive better? Do you have some beauty tips? }

Rock on, Lover!
Me ke aloha ~ With love + aloha,
Mae Xx

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Eco-Style: Econscious Market

Ever wonder where you can shop for sustainable green products, eco jewelry, or eco fashion? How would you feel about an green shopping experience that is as ecologically responsible as it is socially responsible? Enter: Econscious Market, an ecostore experience that believes the best form of “getting” involves giving. For them, environmental responsibility and giving back to the community are the building blocks of running a sustainable, responsible business.

Giving. It’s the New Getting.

It’s their motto.

For every purchase a consumer makes from Econscious Market, 10% is donated to a Non-Profit Organization of the buyer’s choosing. Econscious Market has a partnership with 46 different charities, foundations and non-profits such as The Breast Cancer Fund, Amnesty International, Grist, The Nature Conservancy, The Hunger Project and Sweatshop Watch, just to name a few. EM offers a host of pretty things like eco friendly jewelry, green apparel for men, women and children, fair trade housewares, and body care. However, the goal of their ecostore is to encourage responsible and conscious choices when making purchases. And there’s nothing better than that.

Here are my top picks from their product catalog:

ly Jewelry, reclaimed metal ring, repurposed metal ring, conch shell statement ring

Gold Conch Shell Statement Ring, $120USD. Gold reclaimed, repurposed metal, custom made.

eco-friendly, gold snake bracelet, sustainable jewelry, environmental responsibility

Gold Snake Bracelet/Necklace, $150USD. Reclaimed, repurposed gold metal with vegan leather cord, can be converted to necklace. Custom made.

eco friendly jewelry, environmental responsbility, green jewelry, knuckle ring

“Egyptian” Imprint full finger knuckle ring, $140USD. Custom made. Reclaimed, repurposed metal.

eco friendly purses, sustainable purse, environmental responsbility, hemp satchel

Hemptress hemp and leather satchel, $198USD. Sustainable hemp, bonded reclaimed/recycled leather handles, hemp/silk blend lining.

Eco friendly fashion, sustainable fashion, green shopping, drape front dress

Drape Front Dress, $73USD. Drape front knit dress with asymmetrical adjustable drawstring hemline, made of viscose of organic bamboo.

Go visit Econscious Market to learn more or to peruse through their thousands of fabulous sustainable green products!

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Eco Style: Lamik Beauty Event, Detroit

Saturday I attended the Detroit debut of “the first eco-chic” cosmetic line, Lamik Beauty, during their Reveal Your Beauty Tour. Created and owned 100% by African Americans, the natural beauty line espouses the belief that beauty is revealed, not applied. Through this philosophy, the line is created with natural extracts and powerful anti-aging ingredients like green tea, vitamins c and e, aloe vera and avocado oil. The products are hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic, lacking those nasty synthetic chemicals which clog pores and cause acne breakouts. The makeup is fragrance, paraben, talc, lead and poly(iso)butene free as well as cruelty free. Their motto is “do not sacrifice beauty for health,” and premier makeup artist Shalawn Willis firmly believes the makeup and skincare of Lamik can even improve the texture and quality of a woman’s skin.

Lamik Beauty
Lamik Beauty
Lamik Beauty

The product collection has a range of oil-free, water-based full-coverage foundation in twelve yellow toned shades (therefore flattering to all complexions), six mineral powder foundations, and Brightening concealer in five shades. The catalog also contains a skincare line and a range of makeup brushes of natural, cruelty-free sable hair, as well as cheek, lip and eye shades. Their newest product is the Celebrity brow kit–a personal favorite.

Atlanta-based makeup artist Shalawn gave us the scoop on the products and gave a few of us a mini makeover while we all got to demo the products over mimosas and conversation. Her specialty (other than being downright awesome and sassy) is making over eyebrows. Mandy and I got the full brow treatment, and I felt like a siren for the first time in my life.

Lamik Beauty
Lamik Beauty
Lamik Beauty
Lamik Beauty, Ginger Mandy
Lamik Beauty

Typical of me, I started freaking out about the event a few days before hand and I sprouted an Olympus-Mons-sized pimple on my forehead that even my many, many foundations and concealers couldn’t disguise. Shalawn worked her magic on my goiter of a forehead, and it disappeared in a matter of seconds under her brush.

Lamik Beauty Celebrity Brow Kit

Lamik Beauty

Teia of Love Publicity hosted the event.

The massage spa had literally the most remarkable sink I’ve ever seen in my life. Of course I had to take a reflection shot with it.

Antique custom sink
Antique custom sink

For more information on Lamik Beauty, visit their website, Lamik-Beauty.com, and add them on Facebook.

Image credit: Photos 1, 3 and 9, by Mandy (GingerMandy.com); photos 5 and 6 taken by Mandy on my camera. All other photos by me. Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 with Leica 24mm lens.

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{ Eco Stylin’ & Giveaway } RewareVintage: Rockin’ Vintage Ts and Repurposed Splendor

During this, my Earth Week, celebration, we here at thereafterish. want to bask in the awesomeness that is Eco Style.

On the fashion front: what’s greener than Vintage shopping? Almost nothing, honestly.

My newest sponsor Reware Vintage is possibly one of the coolest Vintage e-boutiques out there. You wanna know why? Because they’re based in Detroit, that’s why. [If you didn’t know, I’m currently Detroit-based, and have been for the last six years, where my husband and his family reside.]

Launched in 2005 by Bethany Nixon, Reware sells a mix of vintage and crafted items, curated to encourage customers to use vintage clothing in their own way, either mixing it in with their own wardrobe or by recreating it into something completely different! A large majority of the clothing is rescued with the help of a trusty sewing machine to bring it back to it’s old or a new glory. Home of the {original} vintage Record Notebook, a unique eco-friendly gift. Made from damaged vintage records that are bought from or donated by local record stores, the notebooks are refillable & reusable, and the scraps are even made into jewelry to reduce waste and show your love for vinyl. The e-boutique offers a large selection of stunning and charming pieces for women, men and even housewares and a nice selection of vintage graphic and novelty T’s. And of course, a HUGE collection of their repurposed record notebooks.


And to thank you, yet again, for helping me make this site what it is–and in honor of Earth Day (for me, WEEK), Reware Vintage is going to be giving away a Vintage Vinyl Record Notebook OR a $20 gift code to shop RewareVintage.com (reader’s choice) to one lucky thereafterish. reader.

Simply visit Reware Vintage, choose your favorite item AND your favorite notebook cover, and come back here and link me to it and tell me why you like it. EASY.

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Open internationally, closes Friday May 6.

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Earth Week:{Beauty} Embrace the Magic of Olive Oil

You might’ve seen a couple of these tips over at GingerMandy.com. Well, here’s the rest.

Olive Oil is a wonder product, much like Vitamin E and Grapeseed oil. But because of it’s consistency and its texture for uses in cooking, it can be used much more liberally than either Vitamin E or Grapeseed Oils can, and in larger quantity. Also, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the purest form of Olive Oil, created without the aid of any chemicals, and therefore is one of the best things we can use on our face. It is chemical free, and loaded with all kinds of anti-oxidants, which are essential in repairing and protecting the skin from damaging free radicals.

Regularly applying OO to your skin helps maintain the elasticity of the cells, and helps slow the aging process.

Here are just some of the many ways you can use Extra Virgin Olive Oil (hereafter referred to as EVOO) in your daily beauty routines:

Makeup Remover
Oil-based makeup removers are best for removing makeup, especially because it is necessary to use like consistencies to cancel each other out. Most powders have fatty cells in them that help them adhere to your face. Likewise, things like liquid foundation, cream or gel blush and lipstick, which are generally oil or creamy based will remove most easily with an oil formula. Why bother topically administering chemicals to your face, which can absorb into your skin cells, blood stream and organs over time, when you have something completely natural and organic to use instead? EVOO can even remove stubborn waterproof mascara.

The added benefit of using EVOO as a m/u remover is that it absorbs into your skin, moisturizing it. Over time, it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and scars, and makes skin more supple. Especially for those with dry skin. Replacing the moisture in your skin is actually the most natural solution for aging.

Cuticle Conditioner
Take a few drops of EVOO into your hand, rub between fingertips and apply to dry, clean cuticles and rub in. This conditions the rough cuticles and smooths them out.

Dry skin moisturizer
Put EVOO onto your dry, clean feet at night, put on a pair of cotton socks, and over the course of the night your damaged, dry skin is repaired. A full course moisturizing over a week will help ensure supple, non-dragon-y feet.

All over body moisturizer
Use in place of lotion. Let it absorb. Why is it better than lotion? Lotion, for the most part, just sits on top of the skin and will only moisten the top layer. EVOO absorbs into the skin and penetrates layers. It’s a better moisturizer and barrier to the elements for your skin over the long run.

Hair De-frizzer
Put a few drops into your hand, rub your hand together, and lightly run your hands through your hair, distributing it evenly. Comb your hair into place, and use the excess on your hands to tame frizzies.

Deep conditioning hair mask
Put a quarter size amount in your hand, rub your hands together, and apply to dampened hair. Brush through to distribute evenly, and then tie hair up in a bun under a shower cap or towel. Let the natural heat from your head penetrate the oil infused hair for 30 minutes. Remove after 30 minutes, rinse with warm water and very, very mild shampoo. Let air dry. Your hair should be deeply conditioned and shiny.

Eyelash conditioner
Much like EVOO can condition hair, it can also condition your eyelashes. Conditioning your lashes regularly can actually help them stay healthy and thicker, in that weakened lashes get brittle and fall out easily during lash curling, during sleep, rubbing your eyes, etc. Stronger, conditioned lashes have a healthier, more stable hair shaft, and are less likely to fall out. Which makes your eye lashes thicker, because hair is falling out with less frequency. Some girls swear that it makes them longer, but I haven’t seen it yet.

Run a cotton swab (use the Q-Tip brand, not the cheap imitation kind which have fuzzy cotton, instead of tightly wound cotton on the swab) moistened with EVOO along a clean, make-up free lashline after cleansing and moisturizing your face at night. You should begin to see better lashes after about 8 weeks. (Or you can buy an organic lash conditioner and lash lengthening serum like dúlash which contains a small amount of EVOO.)

Makeup Brush cleaner
Like a makeup remover, you can use it to clean and condition your makeup brushes. Just mix it with a bit of cheap clarifying natural shampoo in the palm of your hand, dip your pre-moistened brush in your hand, and swish the brush lightly against the surface of your palm for about 20-30 seconds. Then rinse in warm water until the water runs clear, and place on a towel over the edge of a table to dry. The oil will remove all make up, and will also condition the hair of the brushes, which makes make up tools last longer!

Facial or body scrub
Mix a small amount of olive oil with finely ground sugar to use as a body exfoliant. You can use a mortar and pestle to further grind dry sugar into a powder, mix with olive oil into a fine paste and apply to clean face as a facial exfoliator. Cleanse and rinse with warm water.

Lip Scrub
Mix a small amount of EVOO with a half teaspoon of Petroleum Jelly and fine ground sugar as a lip scrub.

There are many other ways to use EVOO, but these are some of the things I’ve tried over the years, and I still think EVOO is better than all the magical doodads and glitzy brand name products that do the same thing. Also, it’s wondrously cheaper. You can get a huge a** bottle at any grocery store for under $10, and if used solely for beauty routines, could last years.

Now that’s green.

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1.) PerriconeMD $150 Giveaway!

2.) Vinyl Record Vintage notebook from Reware Vintage!

Both End April 29th!

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The Anti-eBay Social Fashion Marketplace

Special spotlight to my newest sponsors, Smashion and Reware Vintage, with a bit of a promotion for my first sponsor, Apothica.com.

In this day and age when there are established online marketplaces such as Craigslist and eBay, and where there are young upstarts dedicated to handmade and vintage fashion and wares, how do you differentiate yourself as a fresh, unique alternative for fashion savvy shoppers?

Just ask Smashion how they do it.

Smashion is the first fashion marketplace that enables users to mix and match new and pre-loved fashion items to create individual looks. The site is our eco-friendly response to the growing trend in wearing second-hand clothing and the lack of a community-based, fashion-focused online marketplace where fashion-conscious individuals can make the best use of their wardrobe.

How is Smashion *different* than other market places out there?

As stated above, Smashion is community based. Also, unlike eBay and Craigslist and to a point, even Etsy, Smashion‘s focus is solely fashion. In contrast to eBay, it is fee-free. Items for sale can be listed without a fee and sold without deductions from the final sale earnings. In comparison to Etsy, items are not required to be either hand made or older than 20 years in order to be listed. Quite the opposite. You can list both new and lightly worn second hand clothing, shoes and accessories, which makes it a lot more of a resource than Etsy or Craigslist. The community aspect also ensures that there is a captive, willing audience who are looking for items that you list.

I’m for it. Having unsuccessfully listed several things on eBay and on Craigslist, Smashion is a welcome alternative! I’ve got 3 pairs of shoes already photographed and ready to go up next week!

You can join Smashion here, and you can read more about them in Bare Magazine’s interview with founding member and Marketing Director, Vanessa Kuo.

My longest running sponsor, Apothica.com is running a Beauty Cache special on a grab bag of amazing products from brands such as LaRoche-Posay, Caudalie, Dermalogica, and Kinerase products. There are several full-size products as well as a ton of sample sizes. Buy it before they sell out. For full size products, the price of $29.95 is almost ridiculous.

Want to sponsor thereafterish.? More info here.

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{ Architecture of an Outfit } Chillin’ out Max #NAHHHHHHHHHH

I was going to participate in the second issue of the

The Pajama Project

But I worked for like 6-7 hours straight on freelance work today, and about 4 yesterday, the most massive Olympus Mons-proportioned pimple sprouted to life on my nose, all bulbous and red, I have a pile of laundry to do, and of all things to stop working, my kitchen sink’s drain decided to give in to the Trouble Gremlins living in the sewer and stop draining…so not only can I not cook, I can’t clean any dishes and I can’t run the dishwasher. Lovely.

Lovely, in the way you’d think stepping in your dog’s turds after he’s had stomach flu for a week would be, or lovely in the way a 600lb man’s stretched flesh ripples when he runs. You know, awesome like that.

So while I would LOVE to participate in this week’s challenge, I’ll take a number NAHHHHHHHH, and pass this round.

In its stead, I’ll just post pictures that came from a happier, stabler, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Grumpy Pants-free time.

{Ya’know…like last week.}

VANITY TIME! Wa hoo!!!

This is how I pose when people take my photos, who aren’t fashion bloggers. I don’t know how to behave in front of people….

{Or anywhere, for that matter. Did you not see my vacation photos? WEIRDO!}

{Outfit Architecture}
*Organic/Eco-Friendly drape shrug/cardigan, Shop Ruche
Tissue cotton destructed seam tunic, J. Crew
*Ankle Bow leggings, EMAMI
Jeffrey Campbell “Camp” Sandal style cage heels, Miss Mee (via GoJane.com)
Mixed Metal fringe bib necklace, Madewell
Feather dangle earring, Urban Outfitters
Gold wire wrapped stone ring, Miss Selfridge
*Repurposed gold wire bangles, Alex and Ani (via Charlie and Lee
Heart locket watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Have you ever had one of those days where it was just like… Man! That was such a great day! UNTIL! The last hour or two, when everything imaginable goes dreadfully awry?

{Have you ever had one of those days?}

Yeah, that’s tonight.

Make sure you check out my sponsor Smashion, the eco-friendly alternative to Etsy or eBay, a fee-free marketplace community where you can sell new and mintly used wares with no 20 year old vintage listing limits. I’ll be writing about them tomorrow!

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Enter now!

Have you seen my first real Fashion Interview with my Blogger BFF, Angel, a professional stylist with BR? CHECK IT!

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{ Eco-Stylin’ } Emma Watson x People Tree = Love From Emma

Last month People Tree announced its third and final collaboration with the famously “granola” Harry Potter star called Love From Emma. Born of her frustration that there were no ethical, ecologically sustainable fashion pieces for the collegiate and under set, Miss Watson teamed up with the Fair Trade clothing company to design and release capsule collections for herself and her peers.

Made of organic, ethically sourced and manufactured cotton, Love From Emma is a cute, campy, carefree line of sweet striped shirts, skirts and 60’s style dresses with a few feminine charms like ruffles and interesting draping. Inspired by the 60’s chic styles, the pieces have both a lady-like sass with a bit of a mod edge.

The line offers designs to both boys and girls, and the range is priced from about 28£ – 135£. It can be purchased through People Tree’s website.

Watch the promotional video look book.

People Tree is committed to creating beautiful clothing that not only is sustainably and ecologically sound, but also improves the lives of the artisans hand making each of the pieces, through committing to World Fair Trade principles. From conception to completion, each piece is created with the ethical and environmental committment to alleviating poverty in developing nations as well as doing as little harm to the world from which materials are derived. Who can hate this mission? I know I can’t.

Photos: by Andrea Carter-Bowman / Courtesy of People Tree via Teen Vogue.
Video: People Tree YouTube

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{ Architecture of an Outfit } Smart packing, convertible dress

When we were in Las Vegas last week, being there for only three days, I made sure to pack my Limitless Dress by Emami, knowing that I needed a good array of outfits.

Getting away for a few moments by ourselves, we went out to dinner one night, and Nate surprised me the next day with tickets to Mystere by Cirque du Soleil. Having only one “night out” outfit, I made do with the Limitless Dress by Emami. Considering it’s a convertible dress that can be worn 30-40 ways, I think I was covered. The smartest thing I can do is wear a convertible dress from Iceland.

Here are the two ways I wore it.

To dinner. Bat wing sweater, front, back.

For the long skirt, the tube top comes down to the waist, the cape portion of the dress comes up from behind and ties around the waist. How to video 1 here. Video 2 here.

Version 2, a bit dressier for Cirque du Soleil… I didn’t realize my chest size makes the dress a bit sluttier than it is on the model in the instructional video. Oops.

Outfit Architectures: Emami Limitless Dress, Emami Bow Leggings, Norma Kamali bat wing sweater, Target knee highs, River Island cage heels, Causeway Mall bib necklace, Merona men style gold watch, Wendy Mink hammered gold vermeil cuff, Sole Sisters infinity earrings, Alex & Ani recycled spike bangles via Charlie & Lee.

Might’ve been hotter if I didn’t wear the cross-back bra, but I needed support for The Girls. Didn’t know I had these, did you? I told you I hide them.

Worn with my River Island cage heels and Emami Bow Leggings.

The dress is genius, because you can eat as much as you want and it’ll hide even the most onerous muffin top. Seriously. I wore it as a harem pant and a tent dress as well during the trip. 1 dress. 40 ways. Smart packing. I tell you.


{ What’s the smartest thing you take with you on trips? }

I’m hosting a giftcard giveaway to my sponsor, makeup/beauty/haircare/skincare retailer Apothica and it’s sister site SkincareRx.com. The giveaway ends February 8. Go enter now! And tell your friends.

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Good news! H&M USA going online (e-commerce) & ramps up Eco line

Popular retailer H&M announced yesterday via Twitter that the company will be taking its business online by launching e-commerce on its website around the turn of the year.

While this is extraordinary news for North America, the unfortunate target date means eager US (and likely Canadian) shoppers, who have been anxiously awaiting the release of an online shopping experience from the Swedish company, will have to continue waiting before they can start flooding the blogosphere with pictures of their H&M web purchases. H&M and other popular European retailer, Zara, launched online shopping experiences with revamped websites for the UK and continental Europe last September.

Posted on the same day via Twitter, H&M ramped up its environmentally friendly offerings with an “eco-smart” collection, unveiled in its 5th Avenue NYC store. The collection is very much in line with spring’s frilly ruffles, nipped-in waists, and sweetheart neckline trends, manufactured in organic and recycled cotton fabrics with heart pattern and vivid floral prints.

My favorite piece is the heart print paper-bag tulip skirt.

The eco collection is available in most H&M stores now.

Sources: H&M USA (Tweet), H&M USA Tweet, HM.com

I’m hosting a giftcard giveaway to my sponsor, makeup/beauty/haircare/skincare retailer Apothica and it’s sister site SkincareRx.com. The giveaway ends February 8. Go enter now! And tell your friends.


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{ Beauty } The Story of Cosmetics. The Dirty, Un-Green Story.

There is a lot more to beauty than just flawless, acne-free, sun-protected skin. In fact, you should be aware of the health and environmental impact of the products we put on our skin every day. Beauty products take up precious resources and cause terrible environmental damage as well as pollute our own delicate body’s systems.

This is a good insight into these things: the story of cosmetics. It’s 8 minutes long, but you should watch all of them.

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has been working tirelessly to change legislation since 2004, and today they have some huge news. First, they announced the introduction of new legislation by Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), and second, they have launched this amazing new video with the Story of Stuff Project. –Siobhan O’Connor

Video and story via GOOD.

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{ Eco Style } Sweden’s Treehotel

Credit: Gizmodo

These mirrored cubes in the treetops are a virtual way to stay hidden amongst the quiet forests.

Along with the mirrored cube, there are all manner of strange structures in the boreal forests of Sweden. These images are a part of a concept project called Treehotel.

A group of renown designers and architects have banded together to create Treehotel. The goal is to create a hotel with a group of creative and unique rooms that are seamless and in harmony with natural surroundings. The construction and design echoes the designers and Treehotel’s creators’ ecological ideals.

Treehotel describes their concept:

They are all set in the forest where we live, a refinement of the local conditions. ‘Dig where you stand’ as the saying goes.

It is important that we find another way to value the forest, rather than to cut the trees for industrial use. This Boreal forest is one of the Earth’s lungs. We need to look after it.

Inspired by the documentary film “Trädälskaren” (Treelover) by Jonas Selberg Augustsen, Treehotel is all about a group of creatives expanding their inspiration to create a hotel with innovative and modern design that also is in harmony with the environment.

There are 7 room designs, the UFO, The Mirrorcube, The Cabin, The Sauna, The Bird Nest, and a few others.

Prices per night range from 2800-4800 SEK (Swedish), and includes buffet breakfast.

For more info visit: www.treehotel.se

Photo credit Treehotel and Gizmodo.

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Fashion That Gives Back: We Love Colors x Matter of Trust Tackle BP Gulf Oil Spill

On April 22, 2010, the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig sank, following an explosion on the rig on April 20th. Since April 22, 2010, the site of the oil rig has spilled an estimated 162,000 barrels of oil per day (at BP’s greatest estimate), endangering over 400 species of marshland animals, and 15,700 species of sea life.

Many organizations have participated in gulf clean-up efforts. Among them, one of my favorite fashion companies, We Love Colors, has participated in conjunction with Matter of Trust‘s Hair Mat Oil Spill Program. The program consists of collecting hair clippings from hundreds of salons from around the US and Canada, which are then woven into mats and hair booms. Because hair is “ad-sorbent”, that is, hair attracts oil, which coats the surface of the hair shafts, it is considered an ideal material to aid in the oil clean up.

To create booms, recycled hair is stuffed into nylon stockings, externally reinforced by strong mesh. The booms are tied together to form long, extensive, larger booms, which surround the spill and contain it, preventing it from spreading.

Last month, We Love Colors donated four boxes, or roughly 400 pairs of tights to the Hair Mat Oil Spill program to help further the cause containing the oil spill. Along with thousands of other generous donors worldwide, shipping at their own expense, We Love Colors is aiding in containment and clean up of the ecologically disastrous oil spill.

This is not the first time WLC has participated in ethical and ecological causes. In February, WLC donated 5% of all sales for the month to various Haiti Disaster Relief agencies in response to the January earthquake that devastated most of the island nation. The organizations they donated to include Doctors Without Borders USA (Medicins Sans Frontieres), Operations USA, Hands On Disaster Relief, and several others. In May of 2009, they donated tights from their catalog to Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon (“THON”), an annual event which raises funds to fight childhood cancer. That year, WLC’s donation helped THON raise over $58,000, which was apart of a record-breaking $7.49M overall funds raised for the Four Diamonds Fund. Employees of the company also volunteer in local opportunities throughout the year, such as reading to children through The Kiwanis Club of Miami Gardens.

We Love Colors is a company only sells edgy and fun fashion tights, and is extremely popular with fashionistas the Internet world over. However, the company also uses this broad appeal and popularity to bring awareness to important ecological and ethical causes around the world. It is important in this day and age of mass consumption and consumerism, that the fashion industry also be responsible for being a platform to increase awareness and call for participation in causes that improve the world.

We Love Colors is doing just that.

For more information on We Love Colors, visit their blog and their website (where you can peruse their delightfully colorful product catalog), www.welovecolors.com.

Special thanks to Heather B. of We Love Colors PR for assistance with this article.
Photo Credit: Wikipedia, Matter of Trust, and We Love Colors.

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{ Eco Style } Green Goddess Underneath It All – Sexy Eco Lingerie

When you hear “eco-friendly clothing,” you don’t necessarily think “sexy, luxurious, sensual.” But, in fact, eco-friendly is getting a lot sexier with a little help from some innovative lingerie designers.

The Daily Green: “the right lingerie can spice up the bedroom, or make you feel more sexy and confident all day long.” True that. If I’m wearing a matching lacy set, even if no one sees it, I know that, A) I’m actually wearing matching undies, which is a nice change, and B) I am a total goddess underneath all my day clothes; both of these outcomes make me hold my head up all day long.

What’s awesome about “green” boudoir wear? What is sexier than natural, toxin free, luxurious materials like organic cotton, natural silk or bamboo, which you wear closest to your skin? According to The Daily Green, the clothing/textile industry is about the worst most polluting, which contributes to toxic run off and poisons delicate ecosystems down river from manufacturing plants. Yes, that is truly NOT sexy.

Take a look at the designers paving the way to a greener, more sustainable Sexy.

Stella McCartney, Credit: Stella McCartney via The Daily Green

g=9.8 Lingerie. Made of cultivated pine + spandex. No one knows sexy better than the French. Credit g=9.8 via The Daily Green.

Green Knickers - Made of 40% silk, 60% hemp. Credit: Green Knickers via The Daily Green

Luva Huva Knickers & Bras, Locally sourced materials hand-sewn by London-based Joanna Ketterer. Credit Luva Huva via The Daily Green

Rockin Ruby Knickers made of Soya cotton and organic cotton = super soft. Credit Enamore via The Daily Green

Clare Bare Bralette & Bloomers. Handmade of 100% organic cotton from sustainable farm in Texas. Made to Order. Credit. Clare Bare via The Daily Green

Urban Fox Stockings... Made from bamboo & organic cotton blend, with a cheek seam up the back. Comes with boyshort and garter. Credit Urban Fox via The Daily Green

Urban Fox Lingerie, Bamboo & Organic cotton blend lingerie made by creators Lizzie Cook and Megan Power out of Chicago. All pieces made by hand. Credit Urban Fox via The Daily Green

(Links to Where to Buy, click each image.)

Cited Article: The Daily Green.
Photo credit, all photos credit labeled by designers, via The Daily Green.