Architecture of an Outfit: Cage Skank

Neon Green. Cage sleeves dress. Gauze-y cut-out leggings. Lethal gold spike bracelets and dangerous armswag.

{ Architecture of an Outfit } Sl*tty 80s revival in cages and cut outs

Hawaii Street Style, Cage sleeve dress, cut out leggings, armswag
Hawaii Street Style, Cage sleeve dress, cut out leggings, armswag
Spike Rings, Hawaii Street Style, Armswag
Spike Rings, Hawaii Street Style, Armswag, Spike Bracelet
JewelMint Golden Goose Bracelet, Spike Rings, Armswag

DRESS: Neon green cage sleeve dress, Causeway Mall
BOTTOMS: Mesh cut out leggings, ShopBop
BELT: Forever21
HEELS: Patent Leather strap sandal, Jeffrey Campbell
RINGS: Silver and Gold spike stackable rings, Noir
BANGLES: JewelMint Golden Goose bracelet, Vintage, CC Skye, Bamboo Sky

DRESS: cage sleeve dress, Cage sleeve shift dress, Free People.
BOTTOMS: Mesh garter leggings, CoutureCandy. Mesh cut out leggings, 80s Purple.
HEELS: Patent Leather strap sandal, Bebe.
RINGS: Silver and Gold spike stackable rings, Noir Jewelry (EXACT SAME)
BANGLES: Gold mini spike bangle, CC Skye (EXACT SAME). Mercy gold spike bracelet, CC Skye. Gold metal screw bracelet, CC Skye (EXACT SAME). Spike and Cone cuff, House of Harlow.

Between my last outfit post, “80s to the max(i)” and this caged and strappy skanky wreck, I’m pretty much stuck in the 80s, it would seem.

But I don’t care how 80s-house-wife-tacky I get right now. My new life in paradise, combined with the daily spring/summer temperatures, and the fact that I only work part-time from home right now, affords me the freedom to dress however the heck I want. The normal prohibitive and conservative codes of dress for the office-type settings where I used to live pigeon-holed me into an unconscious style rut of office-casual, Office-Lady-Chic, to the point where I no longer knew how to dress for non-business environments.

Just wear jeans? Forget it. What do you mean I shouldn’t wear heels to this event? I can’t wear flats, they don’t look good on me and I don’t have any!

Now that I’m not constrained by a regular 8-6 Salaryman-type existence, I’m free to experiment with clothes and figure out who the heck I am again, style-wise. Maybe sleazy 80s house frau might be a new motif? I’m really thinking about it. It’s sure comfy, and I spend most of my free time cooking, doing laundry and cleaning this dusty, slightly grimy, damp house in the middle of the rainforest, anyway. Being an almost full-time house frau is just part of the territory when you live in a jungle. Ah, this is the life, yes/no? :)

Is your life a rich, slightly tacky tapestry, too?

Honi, me ke aloha ~ xo, with love,

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2 thoughts on “Architecture of an Outfit: Cage Skank

  1. Hahaha! I feel the same way, Mae! Except instead of a rainforest, mine is a cold, windy flat rampant with dust bunnies.
    I love the 80s-tastic haus frau look! I’m going through a similar how-do-I-really-want-to-dress era too. The layers I need to don here are throwing me for a loop (mainly because I got rid of so many clothes before I got here – yikes!). I love watching your evolution!

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