{ Architecture of an Outfit/OOTD } Ethereal Floating Gold

If you had to define the way I dress, it would be illustrated perfectly by a square.

  1. Office Lady
  2. Home-bound slob
  3. Sweet and feminine with a edgy chip on her shoulder
  4. Edgy with a twinge of girly

Basically, if you flip through a Korean Fashion magazine, you’d pretty much find three of the four aspects of my style (you know, sans the slob part).

Since you are probably well familiar with my Office Lady looks (that’s pretty all I dress for these days)… let me introduce you to the hardly seen “Sweetie with chip on her shoulder”.

When I was lunching with Sillygrrl for a B3 bestie date last week, I decided to throw on lace and ballet style leggings from Emami in some vain hope that Spring had hit, and I was dressing the part…’Cause you know, spring is always all about lace and bows, right? Yeah, it was like 37F and effing cold.

I don’t normally wear such sickly sweet clothing, even on my girliest of days, but I still love lace trends and I would wear it more if we lived in a place where it was warm more than just 5.5 months out of the year.

The moment we got outside the café, we noticed the incredible difference between the temperature from when we arrived, to just three hours later. The variance was palpable: about 10-12 degrees. The difference between light jacket and pea coat or wool coat… strappy sandals with tights or combat boots with wool socks.

In other words: a bitch.

I love Michigan, but let’s say this, I’m quite over winter… and in Michigan, winter likes to make a surprise encore performance several times over. Just when you think Spring has arrived, big, puffy, cotton-like flurries of snow blind the sky and create a semi-thick layer of ice that jams your car door shut, or melts into ugly, jagged icicles that hang low from pine trees and makes the sidewalks perilously slippery.

Thank Universe for golden sunsets. I guess there’s a little beauty for this time of year, albeit very, very slight.

{Outfit architecture: Organic cotton blazer*, Norma Kamali. Lace tiered ruffle tank dress, Causeway Mall. Ballet ribbon tie leggings, Emami (Iceland) [buy here]. Nude suede wedges, Dolce Vita (Jade) [buy here]. Gold jewelry, Alex & Ani bangles*, Wendy Mink hammered gold filigree cuff, House of Harlow 1960.}

{Are you ready for spring yet? How so? What are your spring Must Haves?}

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11 thoughts on “{ Architecture of an Outfit/OOTD } Ethereal Floating Gold

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  2. I make no apologies for loving winter, NONE, NEVER!!! But I’m sorry it can be frustrating. Sometimes I forget that I’m a mutant. Spring time should really be here in another month or two….so…..think happy thoughts :-) .

    I like the purple jacket, maybe its because I like the comic character ThePhantom. But still, I like.

    I have to ask though, and I know I’m sounding like a cliche guy in asking, why crazy tall shoes? They can’t be safe.

  3. I love love LOVE this outfit!!! Omigosh! I love the ultra-feminine look. The problem with most ultra-feminine looks is it runs the risk of bordering TOO-cute, sort of that Japanime style and the next thing you know the girl is going to throw up V for Victory hand signs. But you balance it very well here. It’s perfect. I really love it with the glasses. I would hold a very, very high first impression of a woman I saw dressed like this.

  4. Wow your new layout is amazing Mae Lu! Great job with that, looks very pro!

    Didn’t I didn’t get back to your email. I was in the process of replying your email and kinda lost track after everything happened. Will reply very soon, I’m so sorry for the delayed reply!

    My husband got back to Tokyo on thurs, he says things seems to be getting back to normal. That is good news for me, although I am still nervous about the whole radiation fallout situation.

    I really love your nude wedges! They look fabulous on you! Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh I know exactly what you mean! Literally within a couple hours (here in Toronto where I live), you’d have sunny warm mild mornings and I’d be going about my business in sockless shoes and cropped dress pants, then BAM! It starts to BLIZZARD and I am trudging through snow and slush and my feet are sad, wet muckers.

    And I REALLY adore that tiered lace tank dress. I love tiers and I love lace, so that’s like full of win. I actually never heard of Causeway Mall so I think I’ll try it…

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