H&M & Zara to go online, the Fashion Internets rejoice!!

News broke on Fabsugar last fall that the giant retailer (H&M) was to begin selling online, following in the footsteps of other hot clothier, Zara.

Currently, H&M is only available online to its native population, and frankly, Swedes are already freaking fantastic and absolutely need no assistance, so their corner on the market is kind of unnecessary and slightly unfair. (I’m whining.) Well, the rest of the Internets rejoice because H&M will be available online come September 16th!

Credit: FabsugarUK

The catch: It’s only to the UK. {Key boos from the audience.}

Zara will also be going online to the UK and select other countries in the Eurozone August, in time for Fall looks.

The hope: while the two European retailers will only be offering to their continental citizens, there is only a matter of time before the demand for a US internet presence will eventuate offerings to US shoppers. As Topshop only catered to UK and Europe, eventually opening stores and then a US e-commerce, Zara and H&M–which have been in the US and Canada long before Topshop graced our shores–will be sure to follow suit. Now it’s just up to us to start clamouring for that e-store!

Take a look at the sneak peek of the H&M A/W 2010 Lookbook:

Zara’s not looking too bad either.

News & Photo Source: FabsugarUK (Here, here, here and here), H&M Twitter (@HM).

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